Makers of circlips with a diameter range of 10mm to 50mm and a thickness range of 1.0mm to 1.5mm, the circlips are subjected to phosphating for surface treatment. The various types of circlips manufactured are flat wire circlips, circlips to DIN 472 and round wire circlips.

Circlips are an inexpensive and easily fitted means of providing a rigid yet tough load bearing shoulder for: ? A shaft (external clip) ? A bore (internal clip) and are part of modern engineering. Standard Prefix '1300' indicates Internal circlip, while '1400' indicates external circlip.
Different variations available in the Circlip range include: ? E-Clips ? Wire Rings ? Snap Rings ? Grooveless Circlips

Circlips are made as per IS - 3075 / DIN 471.

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