Disc Washers

Disc washers are manufactured in accordance to DIN 2093 in series of A (hard type) & B (Soft type).
Raw material we offer for this product is EN 42 (C 75) spring steel. We can also manufacture from EN-47 (50 Cr V4) as per customers request.


1) Large spring load with small deflection
2) Essentially better utilization of space
3) Increase of spring load by stacking them in parallel
4) Largely self-damping, particularly with parallel stacking giving good     shock absorption and energy dissipation.
5) No deformation or fatigue under normal loads.

Material Usage:
    EN 47 (50 Cr V4) this refined steel differs from other quality steels in     respect of its uniformity, higher degree of purity & better condition of     the surface.

    EN 42 (C-75) is an unalloyed tool steel which comes in hardened strip.