Spring Washers of all sections, sizes & specifications Single coil in Flat and Square section , Double coil Girder section in size of 2mm to 100mm dia. as per ISI : 3063, DIN : 127, BSS- 1802, American Standards in light, medium & heavy series.


Manufactured in accordance to

DIN 6797 / IS 5371   Type A- External
IS - 5556 Type B- Internal
  Type C-Countersunk


Multi-tooth lock washers are used with screw and nuts to effectively add spring take-up to the screw elongation and to increase the frictional resistance under the screw head or nut face. These are normally used where security of assembly is critical.

Material:- The multi-tooth lock washer shall be made from carbon spring steel i.e. IS 4072-1975.


We manufacture Spring Steel Sheet Metal components as per customers drawing & requirement.

We are well equipped with good tool room where we get the die ready with help of equipped machinery like Lathe Milling, Surface Grinding, Drilling, Shaping etc. Positive result of your product basically depends on Quality dies & die maker.

Sheet metal component of various types depending varies from customers to customers. Material usage is basically Spring Steel, EN42, but we can offer requirement as per customers need i.e. stainless steel , P.B.Sheet, EN-9 etc.


Spiral pins are used for joining (Pinning) two or more parts. Apart from their role as fasteners, they may also be employed as hinges pivots, locating devices, retainers and so on . The spiral shaped cross section (appr.2 ¼ turns) Confer high elastic deformability on the spiral pin.

The heavy duty pin is recommended where shear, shock and vibration loads are severe and where the static shear load is greater than the shock and vibration loads.


Dowel Pins are manufactured in accordance to

IS 8351/IS 5988 (Light and Heavy Patterns)

Our Technology Advances To Satisfy Your Needs.
Continuous technical innovation stands behind the production of every Shakti Springs Inc dowel pin:
- We've engineered our tooling to ensure a deeply grooved, fluted dowel that affords it maximum performance and the greatest flexibility possible.
- We have the most sophisticated automated, quality-control inspection system in the industry.
Making the best quality product in the industry is only part of shakti’s' commitment to you. Service is equally important. The Pin is readily available in metric lengths ranging from 25- to 127- mm, and from 5- to 12- mm in diameter and in English lengths. EVERTIGHT is the only manufacturer who normally stocks all of these sizes.

Manufactured as per ISI : 1481. Made out of Spring steel Strip. Required dimensions are dia. of the hole x length. Spring Dowel Sleeves may also be used as Spring Dowel Pin.

Disc springs based as per DIN : 2093 in hard & soft type. Plain rings Internal/ External, wave washers for bearing retention Belleville Washers as per DIN : 137 type 'A' 'B'
Circlips made as per DIN : 471 & 472 Internal / External type. Locking Washer for Shafts (' E' rings) manufactured as per DIN : 6799, ISI : 307. Material : springs steels EN-42

Wire formed products are made as per Customers' drawings & specifications from Spring Steel Round & Shaped Wire.

Section in Wire formed items can be in Round Section / Square Section / Flat Section. To manufacture wire, we have German Rolling mill by which the dependability on other is eliminated.

We manufacture wire formed items with the help of dies, which are being manufactured under with good tool room facility and skilled die-makers..

Wire formed items can be in Round Section, Square Section of Flat Section. To manufacture wire we have German Rolling mill by which the dependability on other is eliminated.

To ensure the quality to maximize this wire formed items are to be given almost care at the time of Heat Treatment process, if not then change in shape or dimension can result into quality problem. To achieve the good result we have equipped with good heat treatment shop like Spheroidised annealing, Shaker Hearth Furnace & Trolley Type Tempering Furnace with atmospheric control. This all aspect result the product to uniformity in appearance, dimension & hardness.


This washers are manufactured as per DIN 137.

Type A i.e. Belleville washers preferably for cheeseheads screw, round head bolt & nuts.
Type B i.e. Corrugated washers preferably for hex bolts & nuts.
Material usage is EN 42 J (C-75)

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